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Infinity Leadership Group

Serving Growing Households with

Lifestyle Investing & Financial Planning



Taking Yourself & Your Family 

to the Next Level


Fuel the life you want to live with assets that make sense for you. Investing simplified.


Plan proactively to hit goals, opposed to being reactive to your finances. We use Asset Mapping to help.

Wealth Preservation,
Safety and Estate

Wealth looks differently to each household, set up a plan that makes sense for you and your family.

Is Lifestyle Investing
right for you?

Below are some example of why individuals and families seek out lifestyle investing over traditional investing options.

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Trading Time for Money

Learn more about time value of money and secure compound interest.

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Saving for Long Term Care

Be prepared so

we don't get surprised.

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Tax-free Saving for Children

Leave stress behind while you plan for the future.

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Get a

Quote Today

Money Habits

Define your relationship with money and build valuable habits.

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Generational Wealth

Break generational money curses and set up generations to come.

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Life Insurance

Get your family covered in case of accident or injury.



Meet Our Family

and Team

Infinity Leadership Group provides lifestyle investment education and planning.  We aim to educate everyone with high-wealth concepts and strategies, to not only customize a financial plan but equip you with the knowledge to create generational wealth.


We have a passion for working with growing families. From individuals planning their futures with a partner, to having the second and third child. We love working with families to imagine the lifestyle they've worked so hard for, and then fund it through the right investments and opportunities. 

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Brad is married to his better half, Autumn. Brad previously worked in the Oil and Gas industry.  But, after a near death experience in the field, his passion and calling drastically changed to help people move forward in their lives professionally, financially, personally, and spiritually. All of Brad's efforts are centered on this mission. He helps equip individuals and families with experience based tools and resources to advance their financial goals and develop their lifestyle investments.



Autumn and Brad have been married for seven years and have three beautiful children.  Autumn has a professional background working with non-profits and film production.  After meeting Brad, she decided to join him in business; helping families for generations to come, and together they are growing a team to ensure no family is left behind.


"Brad at Infinity Leadership Group took the time to look at my overall financial picture to find my best solution to maximize the upside while minimizing the potential downside to my investments. Invest in a manner to live the way you desire!"

Adam A

Engineer, California

Asset Map

Get Your Asset Map Now.

Set up a one-hour call with our team to learn more about what Infinity Leadership Group has to offer you

when we start by auditing your assets and mapping a plan to get to where you and your family want to be.

Our Free Offer to You & Yours

How Money Works

We love this book, its simplicity and its effectiveness to help individuals better understand their money and how to make it work for them, not against them. Provide your name and address and Infinity Leadership Group will send your copy in the mail! 






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